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Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie is the star of Instagram and a social media model. She loves the way of life and continues to go to the gym to keep her body lean.

Also interested in the latest fashion and beauty and know the right way of healthy life.
Videos and photos showing beauty and many fans.

She is also a basketball player, and always publishes her workout videos on her instagram account.
There were many rumors about her, such as that she did cosmetic surgery and other things, but if she never clarifies or talks about it.
She also had videos and naked pictures from onlyfan site, but she did not comment on this matter.

She believes in inspiration and always says that her mother is her inspiration .

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Jem Wolfie Born: August 7, 1991 (age 27 years) , Australia

Height: 1.7 m .

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CELLU-LIT🔥 lets normalise it one post at a time!! I’ll never forget the day I was sitting in the car when I was maybe 12 years old listening to the radio. The hosts were asking people to call in “things they find gross”. One guy somehow got let through and said how disgusting he thought cellulite was on women’s bodies. The female host shut him down pretty hard and he eventually got cut off for being a knob…. Cellulite is natural for women as we store higher fat around our bum, legs, hips and arms. I used to want to get rid of it now I embrace it and own it and realise it’s sexy to have it as long as I am still in shape, fit, strong and healthy! SONG: WET @lightskinkeisha

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