Patrycja Banas @patrycjabanas , polish model

Patrycja Banas

Patrycja Banas is polish Instagarm Model interesting fashion, make-up, enjoyed her life as a model .

She love traveling, beautiful photos and healthy food . she a realist looking for positives in every situation. she love laughter. Music. Friends. I love my family. My relationships with loved ones are based on love, respect and honesty. I am a fulfilled mother, a loving partner, a happy daughter, a devoted sister.

Patrycja Banas believe that everyone deserves happiness, but not everyone can reach for it. she think that you have to start by accepting and liking yourself. she would like to encourage every woman – regardless of her age – to take care of herself and her well-being.

And sometimes enough for this day make-up, a new hairstyle, an interesting fashion composition. Walking with a loved one or meeting friends or even delicious tea is drunk in the evening with candles – such simple things make our lives more wonderful. Only we have to see them and start doing! she write about it, she constantly look for inspiration and often get it from you.